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Woman’s Video of Everything Her Boyfriend Ate at an All-Inclusive Resort Is Going Viral

If you’ve ever been to an all-inclusive resort, then you know that they take the concept of “all you can eat” to a whole new level. Between having buffets around every corner and multiple specialty restaurants, you definitely won’t go hungry while staying at one of these places. Hey, it’s part of the fun to sample all of the local cuisine, right?

A new video that was shared on TikTok by @freya.natt is going viral, and simply watching it might make your tummy rumble. The text on the video reads, “What my boyfriend eats at an all-inclusive resort in one day.” Captioned with, “He’s a growing boy,” let’s just say that this guy didn’t want to miss out on getting a taste of pretty much everything.

LOL! We’ve gotta love this dude for going all in and getting his money’s worth out of this resort! Plenty of people were living vicariously through this guy while watching the clip. @Toaster1967 joked, “Enjoy your youth… I gained 5 lbs just watching this.” LOL. We all did. Another commenter, @Maria said, “He looks so happy, bless him 😅.” Who wouldn’t be happy in the same situation? We’re so totally envious. And @windowman50 made a great point, saying, “My theory is you have paid for it, so might as well eat it 😳.”

So, where is this gorgeous place with all this wonderful food? Based on another video that was shared on the account, it was revealed that the couple vacationed in Turkey.

After digging through the comments a bit more, we discovered that the name of the resort is Cook’s Club Adacoy Maramis. Hmm. We just might have to go check on their rates, stat. But first, it might be a good idea to pick up some pants with an elastic waistband. Just sayin’.