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Woman's Video of Everything Her Boyfriend Ate at All-Inclusive Resort Is Going Viral

All-inclusive resorts sound amazing in theory, but how much of it is really more bang for your buck? Sometimes, prices on all-inclusives might be much higher, since they expect you to eat and drink an insane amount. However, some people are determined to get the most of this deal. 

A video that's going viral on TikTok was shared by @asia.genouzou. In the footage, this woman compiled clips of everything her boyfriend ate while they were on their vacation. Let's just say this guy wasn't about to leave that resort without sampling everything. Check out how much food he went through.

LOL! Might as well get your money's worth! People are in awe over how much this dude was able to consume. Did you see how he not only finished his plate, but also his girlfriend's leftovers? He wasn't about to let anything go to waste! Viewers are just as shocked as we are, like user @yoyouptown, who said, "And he don’t gain an ounce, I just watched the video and gained 3 lbs 🤦🏾‍♀️🤣." Um, same. There are plenty of us who would be bursting at the seams after eating all that delicious food. As @BlessedMommy pointed out, "Sorry to say this, but i don't know why men eat 3/4 more than us and they don't gain any weight 😁. I eat way less than my man, and I keep going up 😂."

Some of the other commenters are on the same wavelength, like @brookelavigne who said, "Hunger hits different once it’s all-inclusive." Once you know you can eat as much as you want without shelling out any extra cash, who wouldn't see their appetite grow? 

On a side note, the place they stayed at did look pretty beautiful. BRB, time to go research all-inclusives in the Dominican Republic.

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