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Alaska Airlines' Special 'Make-a-Wish' Flight Touches Our Hearts

Being faced with serious illness is every persons and family's nightmare. But when the patient is a child, it's even more gut-wrenchingly painful. Overcoming illnesses takes more than just medicine. It requires a village of effort, dedication, determination and love. 

You'll need to grab a tissue before watching this clip from the @alaskaair TikTok account. Their Make-a-Wish flight for one special little girl has us all teary-eyed!

What a wonderful idea when Alaska Airlines partnered up with Make-a-Wish Foundation to make dreams come true. After a courageous and brave battle with cancer, Make-a-Wish celebrated her clean bill of health with a trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Maeve's parents are pilots, and her Uncle Joey was the 1st Officer on this special flight. This one will pull definitely put a lump in your throat and tug pretty strongly at your heartstrings. 

TikTok viewers love Maeve and Uncle Joey. You can even hear his voice shake during his announcement. User says, "I'm not crying, you're crying." Yup, we are, too! We were blubbering after the first 10 seconds. Another fan, @wishillinois writes, "Brb I’ve got to go find some tissues, Have the best time in Disney!" 

Commenter @amandahodson6 states, "Thank GOSH she’s healthy, ugh I was gonna be in tears the rest of the night. Still crying though somehow." We're shedding tears of joy for Maeve and entire family.

Make-a-Wish Foundation is an incredible organization that helps makes dreams come true. The hope and fantasy they offer to a critically ill child becomes the strength they need when faced with the battle of their lifetime, literally. 

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