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Man's Attempt to Return Woman's Lost Purse As Plane Pulls Away Is Downright Incredible

Losing your luggage or any item at the airport can be heart-wrenching. With all the horror stories of airlines losing bags, it's nice to know that many outstanding crew members truly do care about the wellbeing of their passengers.  

In a video that was shared on TikTok by @tfalah62, we witness one of the greatest saves of all time from none other than an airport crew member to a pilot. In the clip, you'll see this man standing on the jet bridge, preparing to toss the purse to the pilot in the cockpit -- through the window! Forget watching the NBA finals. When you see how legendary this pass is, you honestly won't believe it!

This is nuts! Apparently this woman forgot her purse as the plane was about to leave, so the airport worker literally tossed it to the pilot through the airplane window. Can you believe he made that toss? Maybe he should switch his career from flight crew to NFL star with that amazing pass! 

People who watched the video agree that the passengers on this plane are lucky to get such an amazing crew. Like user @emmskee85, who said, "Currently sitting in Athens with no luggage for 5 days. Lufthansa could learn a few things from you guys!!" This flight crew person would've found and gotten her luggage in no time, am I right? 

However, some of the commenters have learned other things from this video. Like user @bo_bangel, who said, "Hold up! They can roll down their window but we can't?!?!😂" They do bring up a good point. We always wondered why the pilots have windows that open. Perhaps it's just in case a lost purse needs to be thrown into the window. 

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