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Girlfriend's 'Airport Taxi' Mishap Has People on TikTok Cracking Up

One thing that people don't talk about is how stressful it can be to get to the airport on vacation. Are you somewhere where a friend or family member can drive you? Is there cheap public transport to the airport, or are you going to have to shell out for a potentially steep Uber/taxi ride? Figuring it all out is a logistical challenge all of its own.

We shouldn't be too hard on ourselves, then, when we make minor mistakes while figuring it all out. Take Megan Elise, for example. She thought she had booked a taxi to take her and her boyfriend @arthurtwyning to the Lanzarote airport. The ride she actually got was a little bigger than expected.

Hey, is it a taxi? No, but it is a ride to the airport, and that's the part that actually matters, LOL. They must have been so confused when the bus showed up!

However, many in the comments jumped to her defense, because as it turns out, this "mix-up" may not actually have been her fault at all. Others who had been to the Canary Islands have had similar experiences! "This happened to me in Lanzarote too!!!!! Website said it was a car but a coach showed up both times," sympathized @sophiecarlton17. "Happened to my mum and I in Tenerife. They didn’t even change the booking so we got the same coach on our way back got the airport as well 😂," said @gabriella.l.v.

Apparently, there's an actual reason for this, which @bjones787 explained. "There are no private hire vehicles on Lanzarote, no matter which private transfer you book you'll always get a minibus/coach. They have taxis yes. They don't have private hire vehicles. You won't get a public taxi on a prebooked airport transfer."

With that additional information, we're definitely on Team Megan Did Nothing Wrong. And say what you will, that bus is way more spacious than a taxi!