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Son's Epic Airport Surprise for Mom Is Going Viral

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Kids love to prank their parents and pull a fast one them. And there's such a sense of satisfaction if they can pull it off. But one son's epic joke on his mom serves as a 'payback' for something we may never learn about. 

TikTok content creator @wildcard904 shows us his hilarious and mischievous stunt that went down at the airport. We can't help but laugh!

He really surprised her, but her great sense of humor shows the love shared between them. TikTok fans love her and how cool and collective she is. She certainly has a wonderful sense of humor. User @tammydupreelogan writes, "Omg, this is hilarious!" Yes, we agree. We would die of embarrassment if that happened to us. Viewer @barnaramama says, "I have watched this a few times, what a wonderful mother you have with a great sense of humor." Commenter @jilly890 adds, "Brilliant!I love it! One thing's for sure, you are loved and sure were missed, even though you weren't in the clink!!" LOL, did you see the bottom of the poster about dad and the snarky remark, '15 years was worth it?' OMG, so funny!

There's no denying this son loves and adores his Mom. She rolled with it, and handled this like a rock star. We have a feeling she will get her 'payback' 10-fold. Watch out dude, mom always knows best!

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