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Woman Has Humiliating Experience at Airport Security and Husband's Response Is Everything

She'll be telling this story for years.

Going through security at the airport is a lot of people's least favorite parts about flying, and it makes sense. Lines can be long, it can be stressful to get through quickly without your fellow cranky travelers directing their crankiness at you... it's not exactly a relaxing start to a vacation. Not to mention what happens if the TSA has to search you more extensively for one reason or another! 

When this happened to one woman while traveling, she shared the story on TikTok at @jillwagner81, and it's so embarrassing. And as if this security incident wasn't bad enough, her husband didn't exactly make it better... 

As her story goes, she went through the metal detector at the airport and workers took her aside, telling her that they would have to search her because her "groin lit up." She had no idea what could have caused this, but chose to get searched right out in the open, instead of privately. A female security officer was the one to check her out, and "touching" was involved. We can only imagine how embarrassing this must have been for her! 

But then, when she called her husband to talk about it, he didn't exactly have words of comfort to impart.

"I just got all feeled up at the airport and in front of everybody all because my groin lit up," she said. "So I called my husband and he said, 'honey, it lights up for me too.'" 

That's a pretty typical male response if we've ever heard one. So funny, but not exactly helpful. Fortunately, she got plenty of sympathy in the comments, because apparently, this happens way more often than you might think. 

Honestly, the least they could have done was buy her dinner first.