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Man Deemed a 'Legend' for Setting Up Blow-Up Couch at His Airport Departure Gate

Why are the chairs at the airport gates always just a little too awkwardly shaped to be comfortable? It's not so bad for a short sit, but if you get to your gate super early or have a long layover- or if you're unlucky enough to be stuck in the airport overnight- they can become miserable.

Wise travelers are ready for anything- even long waits at the gate. TikTok user @emilygrainey caught a video of one such traveler who was prepared to wait for his flight in comfort- even if it's a little silly.

Is setting up a blow-up couch at your airport gate a little extra? Maybe so, but think about it- you can relax, you don't have to fight with strangers over open seats- and it's much easier to sleep on if you have to wait at the gate overnight.

To be honest, with how rough air travel has been lately, it doesn't hurt to be prepared. "That dude had a traumatic experience and said “never again”" mused @wonsenoc. "There were 50 people sleeping on the ground this last Saturday morning at San Antonio airport. Our flight was delayed two days. 😏," shared @angrypixies. TWO DAYS? We may have to start packing a blow-up couch too!

Other travelers mentioned that they, too, bring similar stuff with them to the airport. "Very convenient. I used one similar when I had to stay 22 hours at the Hong Kong airport... 😏😏😏," said @alafaya51. "Hahah i do that with my tiny backpacking air mattress and sleeping bag," mentioned @kaitabee. OK, apparently this is a trend we need to get in on.

An important part of traveling is staying comfortable, even in stressful circumstances. We could all take some travel wisdom from this man and travelers like him!