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Son Shares Dad's Reason for Getting to the Airport 4 Hours Early and It's Just Too Good

A while ago on TikTok, "Airport Dad" was a trending topic, shared through videos of kids and even adult children sharing their dads' hilariously meticulous rituals of getting to and through the airport in a timely manner. The topic took off because it was so relatable- many of our dads really are like that!

When it comes to Airport Dads, TikTok user @dxnielbennett definitely has one. After staying with Daniel for a trip, his dad asked to be dropped off at the airport. OK, no problem- expect he wants to be dropped off over 4 hours before his flight. Why? He'll tell you.

LMAO! That dad is excited to get to the airport lounge! We get it though- if you've got access to a swanky airport lounge, why not make the most of it?

The comments section was pretty much in agreement with Dad here, for more or less the same reason. "No he’s absolutely right the lounge is better than my living room," admitted @medeleinecwhite. "Buddy if I’m flying first class/business I’m there 5 hours early," stated @drunkegineers. "Gotta use the lounge, airport beers get expensive. What, are you going to fly sober?" commented @vrealwild. Seriously though, get those free drinks while you can!

Besides, with travel being so hectic and crowded these days, it makes sense to give yourself all the time you can. "As soon as he said “6:40” I said to myself “no later than 2:00 arrival then”," agreed @andimitch8. Another user, @aliceconstantin8, broke the math down further: "6:40 is the flight. Boarding is like at 6. An hour for security just in case, 5. 30 [minutes] for checking in, 4:30. So 2.5 hours for food/drink/bathroom/chill." OK, but this is legit though. Most likely they'd be going to a lounge after the security checkpoint, but the math still evens out. It's hard to argue with that logic!

We gotta admit, this is definitely a case of "Airport Dad is right." Frankly, Airport Dads are usually in the right anyway... you can never be too careful at the airport!