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Man Shares Airport Etiquette That People Need to Learn to Take Seriously

Moving sidewalks at the airport are our favorite- whether you want to get a speed boost on the walk to your gate or rest for a second while staying on the move, they're just the best. That said, though, doesn't it suck when you're trying to hustle on one, but other people are standing there blocking your path? They could use a lesson in airport etiquette. 

So how do you prevent these pile-ups on moving sidewalks? TikTok travel influencer @zacharyburrabel schools us on the basics of moving sidewalk etiquette. 

This simple rule could solve so much airport aggravation. Nobody likes having to stand and wait when they're in a hurry- and conversely, nobody who's trying to take a breather needs other people angrily breathing down their neck! If all of us could follow this simple guideline, the airport would be just a bit nicer for both speed-walkers and easy-goers.

Zachary's advice was much appreciated by those who've felt that aggravation before. "100 agree. Not everyone is on a 3 hour layover folks. We got places to be," @teckio24 agreed. "Ppl stand on one side and park their luggage on the other. Like MOVE," complained @rawendoozi. We hear you! Some people have no sense of urgency nor consideration for others!

 "I wish ppl did this for sidewalks, highways, escalators etc. stay to the right to go slow. Pass on the left. Efficiency > everything else," @_laurenchavez wished.  It just makes more sense, after all. With the designated "slow lane" and "fast lane" system, everybody's happy.

As marvelous as air travel is, airports can be frustrating places. We hope that by spreading airport etiquette tips like these, more people will take heed and alter their behavior at the airport so that everyone can have an easy airport experience. 

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