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Sisters’ Video of Their Typical ‘Airport Dad’ Is a Whole Vibe

LOL. When parents go on a trip, everyone seems to have a “job” of sorts. Maybe one gets things organized and packs the suitcases, and the other loads them into the car and is in charge of making sure the passports and/or IDs are in tow. But for one pair of daughters, their dad slipped into another typical role on a recent vacation.

The sisters share a TikTok account, @thefishersistersss, and their bio reads, “Daughters of Famous Joe. Exploiting our family to make you laugh.” (HA!) They shared a clip of their dad that was taken at the airport as they embarked on their trip. Captioned with, “It’s literally textbook dad vibes,” this video is so spot-on as far as the standard “airport dad” stereotype goes. We can’t stop laughing, and neither can other people on TikTok. This guy is seriously a whole vibe.

OMG. “It’s 7:30 in the morning, and I’m gonna start drinking.” The mimosas were flowing early that day, and we’re totally here for it! And then the whole bit with him annoying the people behind him on the plane was just classic. People just couldn’t resist chiming in on this one. Everyone is digging this guy. @Sierra Mitchell said, “We have to protect this man at all costs.” Another fan of the video, @Katie added, “Omfg legit your dad is my hero. I’m 36 and was adopted once already but… does he want another daughter?!?? Lol” And @Kelly Fliszar asked, “I’m going to Disney next Saturday. Can your dad travel with me?” 

People are totally impressed with his choice of music, too. But before he got too comfortable, dad was met with an unexpected surprise on the flight.

LOL! Nice move upgrading the girls, mom! Oh, and things only got even better once the family arrived at their destination. Check out dad getting his vacation on.

This dude is seriously the best. Bring it, Famous Joe. We’re ready to take a trip with you any day of the year.

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