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Woman's Video of Her Father in Full 'Airport Dad' Mode Is Cracking People Up

When you gotta get through the airport on time with no snags, you can count on a super dad! What is it about some dads that make them so intense about preparing for trips? It's become such a stereotype for dads to set tight routines for plane trips that #AirportDad became a trend on TikTok, with kids documenting their dads' meticulous pre-flight preparations.

 We get to see the Airplane Dad phenomenon up close in this video, brought to us by TikTok user @sophiehannahtaylor. She recently went on a vacation with her family, and naturally, her father was at the helm the whole time, running preparations for the family like clockwork to the point where he was sweating from exertion! We think we may have discovered the ULTIMATE Airport Dad!!!

LOL, that dad wasn't leaving anything to chance! From setting up the bags in hall over night for an easy early-morning departure, to putting wheel locks on their cars so they couldn't be stolen, Dad was ready for anything. Even a couple slight snags with a too-heavy bag and a confusing self-checkout machine couldn't stand in the way of Dad and his muesli breakfast. Now THAT'S how you get checked in at the airport!

With nearly 2 million views on TikTok, needless to say this video went viral. Commenters loved him not just for his efficiency, but also for his pure vibes and stereotypical Dad aesthetics. "DAD STANCE TO SHOW DOMINANCE HAHAHAHHAHA" laughed user @kath._05. "Tuck in shirt with jeans, pointy boots .... means business," observed user @maikay84. "And the fact that they ALWAYS wear jeans to the airport 😭," said user @hvalica. So true... blue jeans at the airport are like, the ultimate Dad fashion statement.

Some commenters found it hilarious that poor Dad was breaking a sweat over pre-flight prep the night before. "WHY WAS HE THAT SWEATY. Love him tho," asked user @finanjohnston, to which user @bobominkeyman responded, "Probably the stress caused by an unorganised family 😂." LOL! Dad's trying to hold this family vacation together over here!!!

Anyway, we loved the little glimpse that @sophiehannahtaylor gave us into her family dynamic. If we ever need help getting ready for a flight, we know whose dad to call!

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