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Woman's Unfortunate Mishap While Using the Airport Bathroom Is Cracking Us Up

Why are emotions so heightened at the airport? We think it's the environment- with the strict rules, tight timetables, and a whole lot of "hurry up and wait," it's enough to make anybody feel tense. This makes it so that anything that's already awkward in everyday life is 10 times more so at the airport!

The heightened emotional environment makes this person's story all the more cringe! TikTok user @jessdragan just wanted to take a bathroom break before she caught her next flight, but things got awkward in the bathroom...way awkward!

LMFAO! We feel bad about laughing at @jessdragan's pain, but this is a perfect storm of awkward. The bad timing from the janitor, the weird see-through stall design, the janitor's inability to put the TP roll back...when that much goes wrong at once, all you can do is laugh. And it gets worse: as @jessdragan said in the description, "She [the janitor] had to call for help and someone else came in." Not ANOTHER witness! Hahaha!

What was once just an awkward moment between Jess and two embarrassed janitors soon had millions of eyes on it, as this video went viral with more than 6 million views to date. 

This isn't the first time a similar situation has happened at the airport, either. "Happened to me but the person was really quiet and I didn’t even notice for 5 minutes that they could see me 😳there has to be a better method in 2022" shared @loungewhile. "This happened to me the other day!!! I just looked in the hole and made eye contact and didn’t say anything 😭" @cameryncarter recounted with a similar story. Is it so hard to design toilet paper holders you can't look through?

We can just imagine how stressful the situation was for both of them! "I just imagine you're both now crying while she still struggling to switch it out," joked @aaronxiety. LOL, at least they're going through it together!

Take care if you go for a bathroom break at the airport, lest this same thing happens to you! If it does, though, don't feel too bad about it- see the humor in the situation and laugh just like @jessdragan did!

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