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Man's Parody of the Typical Shift of an Airport Bartender Is Totally Epic

OMG! Our ribs are hurting from laughing so hard! This guy is SO funny with his impersonation of an airport bartender's 'typical' shift. Airport bars are a plethora of humans in all shapes, colors, sizes, ethnicity, personalities etc. Can you imagine the cast of characters the bartenders run into daily? The stories, excuses, complaining, and whining they are subjected to daily must range from funny, sad, angry, annoying etc. Netflix should hire them to create a comedy show, as there is absolutely no lack of content - EVER! 

Thank you to TikTok video creator @charlieberens for sharing this hilarious video, which is pretty much 'a day in the life of an airport bartender shift.' This job can never be labeled as 'boring.' Enjoy the laughs!

LOL! Isn't this great?! People who watched the clip are cracking up. TikTok viewer @reneeleigh87 jokes, “If it’s 6am it’s a little late. I worked at an airport and pre-Covid, those airport bars would be 3-deep at 4:30 😂." Oh boy, we're definitely scared to see those patrons at that hour! Another comment from @junebjork was spot-on, saying, "As a former airport bartender I can confirm, this is 110% accurate." We love the TSA reference. It's the BEST! "I like your pajamas" 😂 says @rockylovescats720. We agree, the people watching in airports is very entertaining and to say the least, interesting!

It's no secret that airports and travel in general today has become quite challenging on all accounts. We think airports should create a comedy stage for their bartenders to lighten up all passengers. Laughing is so much better for the world, and these skits would be true non-fiction!

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