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Woman Perfectly Nails the Madness and Beauty of Airport Bars

There's a weird temporal vibe when you enter an airport, as if time doesn't abide by the same rules there as it does anywhere else. You're either cutting it down to the wire, or you've got loads of time to kill, and morning, afternoon, and night blend into each other strangely. For places with such strict regulations, there's still something oddly lawless about airports.

Airport bars always seem to exemplify that lawless feeling the most. There's no better example than TikTok user @deziinikole24's latest experience at an airport bar.

Where else are you going to be offered a drink that strong at 7:30 am? Heck, where else are you going to find a bar that's open by 7:30 am- and no, we're not counting ones that have stayed open from the night before. Despite the ludicrousness of the situation overall, she still seems to have been won over by the bartender's siren song- we doubt that was ginger ale she was shooting from that glass! 

Her commenters more or less affirmed what we stated at the beginning: time isn't the same in airports, and therefore, normal drinking rules don't apply. "Time doesn’t exist in airports," stated @anxietybaking56. "6am or 6pm…if I’m at the airport, I’m drinking," @sorta_fitchick801 declared. "In airports there are no calories or clocks," @hollywds mused- honestly, inspirational. 

Theres a special kind of weirdly contained madness at airport bars that you won't find anywhere else, and in a way, it's almost kind of beautiful. Because let's face it- after waking up before dawn for an early morning flight, and driving to the airport, and shuffling through bag check and security, you might just want a shot or two by 7:30 am!

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