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Airport Attire Has Become Mega-Casual and People Are Divided

If you've seen footage of people flying commercial between the 1950s-1970s (or if you flew during that time yourself), then you probably know that people used to get dressed up for flights. People would put on their best suits and dresses and show up at the airport in style!

Nowadays, airplane attire has become much more casual, and this gradual change in styles has left some people divided. The reporters at Inside Edition gave us their take on the changing styles, which they shared on the official @insideedition TikTok account.

What do you think of their report? While we agree that the look of modern airplane attire may not be as classy as in the old days, we thought about what Pauline Frommer said in the segment- "Airplanes are much less comfortable than they used to be." Considering that, as well as having to remove articles of clothing like jackets and shoes at security, it's no wonder why more and more people are choosing to dress down!

But let's get the public's take on this- what did TikTok commenters think of the report? "We are paying 350$ a ticket. We dress however we want," @theasystem responded. "I had a 14 hour flight from Virginia to South Korea you best believe I wore pajamas 💀," said @gaysony. "I didn’t know the airport line was a d*mn black tie event. if I’m gonna be waiting for hours at an ungodly time you best bet I’m gonna be comfy," clapped back @survivorthanimal12.

Let's just face it- times have changed, and three-piece suits and high heels don't fit the modern environment of most airports and the difficulties of flying nowadays. "Maybe people wouldn’t choose to wear crocs and sandals if they didn’t make us take our shoes off to get thru security," said @stefanie_hutson, reflecting another important change- security measures have gotten far stricter than they were in the 60s and 70s. But we think @juanmk87's quote sums the whole situation up: "True… before was more fancy, today we face delays, cancellations, and bad service! So let's leave it casual. 😅" Amen to that!