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Video of Airplane With What Appears to Be Duct Tape on the Wing Has Us Shaking Our Heads

The last thing you want to worry about on your flight is something going wrong with the airplane. Even if you don't have a fear of flying, finding out about damage or disrepair to your airplane would likely shock and concern you!

Imagine how TikTok user @djmorpheen felt when he took a look out of his airplane window as he took off from Miami. Expecting just to watch the tarmac rolling past, something suddenly caught his eye. There's some stuff on the wing... some... thing.

Now, we don't want to jump to any conclusions, but it sorta kinda looks like at least part of the wing is being held on with... duct tape. That is not at all something you want to see in the last few moments before your plane takes to the skies!

"That’s the equivalent of your school nurses giving you an ice pack for a broken leg😂😂😂" quipped @ryangalletta. "You must have gotten the keepsake Spirit plane..." joked @49erwarrior. LOL! Reassuringly, others were more optimistic about DJ's chances. "As long as it don't fly backwards..., don't worry tape will stay on!!" said @markymarkvandam.

If you're still freaked out by the duct-taped wing, don't worry- it's actually a very special kind of tape. "It's speed tape and it's made of aluminum and is specially made for planes," @cheese_4577. "Just speed tape. Nothing to worry about. It’s a temporary repair that is completely safe. Don’t worry 😁," confirmed @flywithhenri. Phew, that's a relief.

We suppose there's a lesson to be learned from this- don't panic just because you see duct tape on the wing. Now, if the wing is missing, however, maybe tell somebody!

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