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Pilot Shares 'Fun Fact' About the Airplane Cockpit and People Have Opinions

Unless you have a pilot's license yourself, there's likely a ton of things that you don't know about airplanes. Heck, not even all pilots know the exact same stuff- a Cessna is a lot different than a Boeing 747. That's why we're always enthralled when pilots share fun facts and trivia about the planes they fly.

TikTok user @thelegendofkendra is a professional airline pilot who flies all across the world. In this video, she lets us in on a freaky little cockpit detail that we never would have expected!

Wow, so it just... slides open, huh? We never would have thought cockpit windows could do that! Jet airplanes aren't really the type of vehicle where you can roll the windows down to get a nice breeze while you're on the go. However, there are a couple reasons why jet planes have this feature. One, it lets pilots communicate easier with ground crew while they're still on the ground, and two, it serves as an extra emergency exit within the cockpit! You learn something new every day.

Of course many viewers didn't know this, and came up with their own reasons for this feature. "It's necessary when you order something at McDriveThru," explained @fellabt. Oh, yes, we forgot that part. Get hungry in your airplane? Taxi your jet airplane down to the nearest fast food joint and roll open the cockpit window!

Or... "For when the co-pilot had burritos the night before!" suggested @mankevin1. Ew, yuck! Sadly, that option wouldn't work too well while the plane is in the air. And in case you're concerned... "You can’t open it in flight because of air pressure," explained @mcbargeface... not that any sensible pilot would try to open a window mid-flight!

Sadly, this is the internet, and we can't have fun without someone trying to ruin it. "Do not let a woman fly that plane," said @lynchie63, a comment which got over 1,000 likes. "Somebody tell Andrew Tate to look at this video he'll tell u what's wrong with it😂😂," @denniskompus smirked.

Tell you what. When these two dudes, or heck, even Andrew Tate, get a commercial pilot's license, they can get back to us. Till then, we're gonna keep watching @thelegendofkendra as she shares cool plane facts, fun pilot stories, and international travel videos!