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Woman's Video About Whether It's Rude to Leave Airplane Window Shades Open Has People Talking

One of the great pleasures of having a window seat is getting to stare out over the clouds and experience some of the visual magic that accompanies your flight through the skies. The act of leaving your window shades up for too long, however, can be considered rude by many.

World-traveling TikTok user @laxtoluxury, aka Michelle, unintentionally triggered a debate about this very subject! It all started when she shared a TikTok about her very swanky business-class flight to Tahiti. While the flight itself was gorgeous, some commenters noticed that she didn't pull down her window shades at any point during her 8-hour flight! Michelle came through with a follow-up revealing a surprising feature of the aircraft!

Ok, those shaded windows are seriously cool! We love this- it's adjustable so that you don't have bright light pouring in while others are trying to sleep, but you can still enjoy the view! This technology is super-futuristic... we hope it ends up becoming the norm on all flights! It's not just a perk for the higher-class seating either, as Michelle adds:

"And btw it’s the same for all windows throughout the whole plane - not just in business!"

Weirdly enough, though, the follow-up is where the real debate about window shades took off... despite this aircraft not having any. Many were firmly on Team Windows-Shut. "People who leave their shades open have major character issues," stated @makemoneydonteverstop. That... seems more than a little harsh. "I always close or darken mine cos I don’t want the harsh UV rays on my face," said @mikrokosmos613. OK, that's a more reasonable position than attributing it to a moral issue, LOL.

Others, however, couldn't understand why anyone would go through a whole flight without looking out their windows. "I'll never understand why people close the windows on flights :( You're literally in the SKY look out the d*mn window it's amazing," exclaimed @kohleslaw. "I get anxious and dizzy if I can’t see out the window. Sorry y’all, window is staying open," stated another user.

Poor Michelle- she can't seem to escape this debate! As for us, we're waiting till every flight has adjustable electrochromic windows to hopefully put the debate to bed!