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Couple Buys Airplane to Turn Into a Vacation Rental and the Story Has Us Invested

With tons of competition in the vacation rentals market, people are looking for ways to make their properties unique and stand out from among the competition. For example: why rent out some plain old apartment or cabin when you can offer guests a stay in a refurbished airplane?

Though uncommon, we've seen this before- we recently covered a Costa Rican hotel with accommodations built into an old Boeing 727. That said, we've never seen one in the process of being refurbished! Luckily, one couple, sharing the TikTok account @bringer_home, are documenting themselves doing that just now!

Oof- rough start there with the nose. Still, this plane shows plenty of promise. After all, as we've seen before, refurbished airplanes-turned-suites look pretty cool! This update was only from a few days ago, so they're still early on in the process. Still, let's see what they're working on in their most recent update!

Right, gotta strip everything out of the old interior to make room for the new (while wearing a respirator-safety first!). This is such a cool opportunity to witness this rare and unique transformation happen in real time! We can't wait to see how things progress.

People were blown away by this major undertaking. "If I were to own land I'd wanna do something out of the norm like this and completely renovate a plane for a living space, like a cabin but cool 😎," admired @troodonite. "I always wished I could stay longer inside the aircraft 😂 now I can rent sleep and stay longer 😂😂," said @sam_new_york. "My daughter loved planes as a kid.. this would have been a perfect vacation rental. I think you'll be laughing to the bank! Best of luck🥰," cheered on @jkb1883.

We have to agree with the last commenter- we think this vacation rental will be very popular when it's finished. Until then, we'll enjoy watching as it's made!