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'Full-Time Traveler's' Tips for Sleeping on Airplanes Are Totally Worth a Shot

These make a whole lot of sense.

There definitely are some people out there who have no problem sleeping while on an airplane, but there are even more who struggle making a plane nap happen, even on a red-eye flight. We get it — you're in a public place, surrounded by strangers, and there's all kinds of noise and activity going on around you. It's not exactly a peaceful environment conducive to sleeping! 

If you fall into that category but wish you could be able to actually fall asleep during an overnight flight, this TikTok video from @amyseder. This self-described "full-time traveler" is sharing the best tips she's learned for sleeping in the air after six years of much trial and error. 

First, she shared the essentials that you must bring with you to sleep successfully, including noise canceling headphones and an eye mask — pretty basic. But she also shared purchases we probably wouldn't have thought of, like a memory foam foot sling, along with a pillow that wraps around your neck to support your head while sleeping.

Interestingly enough, she also shared how she brings her pillow from home on the plane, and how she packs all of these items so they're easy to bring on the plane. 

Sleeping on a plane might never be ideal, but these tips are definitely something to consider next time we have a flight that requires it.

Otherwise, if all else fails, coffee. You'll get through it!