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Man Shares Cool New Tool for Picking the Perfect Airplane Seat on Any Flight

This is totally worth checking out.

Unfortunately, the stress of flying usually starts before we even leave the house. Booking the flight, packing our suitcases, figuring out how we're going to get to the airport — the list goes on and on. But if you're looking for something that will make that stress a little lighter, keep reading.

One frequent traveler on TikTok, @maxmilespoints, shared the tool he uses to help pick the perfect seats when he's going on a flight. We had no idea this existed, but there's a website out there that will map out the plane you're about to take in much greater detail than what the airline's own website usually offers. 

Anyone who's picked a seat on a flight only to get on an airplane and find out that it wasn't where you wanted to be at all (thanks, outdated maps) knows that this tool could be a total game changer, especially if you're traveling with kids or a bigger group and want to make sure you've ironed out as many details about your trip as possible ahead of time.

Detailed maps for just about every airline you could imagine are available on this site, and as he explained in the video, they even show window placement so you can make sure you pick a seat that doesn't have a window you won't be able to look out of.

This is amazing. Where has this technology been all our lives?

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