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Simple Airplane Seat Hack Takes the Hassle Out of De-Boarding

Airplane seats can be extremely uncomfortable for most of us in the economy class. To be able to have just a little bit of extra room can make all the difference. 

In a new video that was shared on TikTok by @masterbae_14, the creator shows a viral airplane seat hack that you may or may not of heard of. It includes an easy demonstration of how to push your armrest up during a flight so that you have more room to relax and can get out of your seat quicker. This is a major game-changer!

Apparently, this trick isn't new to some people! Many of the commenters already knew this little tidbit. One user, @jaderoller said, " Aiyyy seriously??? I knew this like ever since I was 4 years old." But honestly, even though some people who have flown before may know about this hack, it's a great piece of information for first-time flyers and those who are flying alone. The movable armrest is customary on most flights, but still, some planes don't have this feature. TikTok user @xarain81 pointed out, "Doesn’t work. My plane missed the update." Some older planes might not have this feature installed, but the newer ones should be good to go.

The creator of the video wanted to emphasize that this hack should only be used during a certain point in time. In the comments, they said, "Don’t do that while on flight, especially during take-off and landing. Just do it when DE-BOARDING so you can get out easily 👍🏼" Good to know!

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