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Man's Surprise Discovery in the Airplane Lavatory Is a Serious Game-Changer

Airplane bathrooms are already stressful enough affairs on their own- it's awkward walking down the aisles to them, they're cramped, and the loud suction toilet flushing is unnerving. But using the trash can is another horror- you've gotta really push down on that thing, and who knows how many other mystery germs are on it?

TikTok user @tylanglines got lucky with his airplane bathroom though. He discovered a little thing in the bathroom that should be obvious, yet is still so easy to miss- and honestly, he looks exasperated that it took him this long to realize!

You're kidding- there's a foot pedal. Have we seriously been missing that thing this whole time? Punching down on a nasty germ-ridden lid every time we throw out a towel or tissue? We get why he seems exasperated because low-key, we are too!

"You’d think they’d print the hygienic method in the instructions 😂," quipped @abrasivetoast. Honestly though, with wave after wave of covid and other viruses, you'd think at this point they'd have a neon sign with a down arrow saying "HANDS-FREE FOOT PEDAL HERE". Look, some of us aren't observant, and we need a little help!

"I've flown a lot. And never noticed this. Ever," sympathized @charliepellettnyc. "Why does it say PUSH then!?!?" cried @miraclematt92. "My god, for 30 years I've been using tissue paper to push that d*mn thing down coz i don't want to touch it," said @thebeigesage, shocked.

Even with people aware of the foot pedals, it can get confusing sometimes. "I just noticed on a flight last month. The step was on the other side opposite side. I stared for a good 2 min trying to figure out the engineering," said @leelooshtiktok.

Here's the real question, though: is this feature even a part of every plane lavatory? As @theadamjagger chimed in, "Every airline and aircraft type within an airline is going to be different, you got lucky on this one." So this may not even be a feature of your flight's restrooms- but at least now you know to check. Hey, for the price of literally flying through the air, we suppose we can weather some minor inconveniences.