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Captain’s Unexpected In-Flight Announcement Has People Scratching Their Heads

When it comes to air travel, the flight crew can really make or break your experience. It just makes for a much better journey when they’re warm, friendly, and make you feel welcome on board. And then there are those crews who go above and beyond to make the trip memorable by throwing a good dose of humor into the mix. 

That’s exactly what one captain did on a recent flight to the Caribbean while getting ready to make his final approach. TikTok creator @thomaslmanuel shared a video of his flight experience, and in the clip, you’ll hear the captain come over the loudspeaker to announce that the plane would be landing soon. But what he says is so totally unexpected, people on the flight probably didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

LOL! “You guys definitely should’ve taken a boat.” Did he really say that? And that’s assuming this clip is even real and not some voiceover?! If it is legit, we’re guessing most passengers likely took the joke in good stride, but you have to wonder about the nervous fliers out there. Anyone who isn’t a huge fan of air travel might have gotten a little uneasy over the, “Do you know how short this runway is?” comment. 

While some TikTok users admit this sort of announcement would’ve given them a heart attack, others, of course, are getting a kick out of this video. @Amir Fadel said, “Lmao bruh, he said, ‘This is the worst and last life decision y’all make 🤣.” HA! Another commenter, @Revoc Productions added, “This would be a great intro to a song 😂.” And @Roxanne Grossklaus chimed in with, “He has a sense of humor. I would have laughed 😂.”

Some people are wondering not only what airport the captain was referring to, but also what airline this is. (Again, assuming this is real.) While a few commenters guessed that this was possibly a Spirit Airlines flight, @M Burke868 said, “Might be Southwest. They are so real and entertaining. ✈️” 

This is true! Hey, a little good fun never hurt anyone, right?