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Video of What It Would Be Like 'If Airlines Were People' Has Us in Stitches

This is totally spot-on!

Anyone who's traveled before knows that all airlines are not created equally. While some promise lower fares only to turn around and nickel and dime you for baggage and seat assignment fees, others turn flying into a real luxury. Our budget is usually what's driving our choice, though, but it can be pretty funny to see the huge differences between airlines. 

And now, all because of a video from @charlieberens on TikTok, those differences are more obvious than ever! He decided to show what he thinks it would be like if airlines were people, and it's hilarious how accurate this really is. 

From the joke about the person representing United possibly canceling on Delta's plans last minute to Spirit running into the room late and in ripped clothes, this is true to our experience for just about every flight we've ever been on. 

The toast at the end from Delta was too good: "Though we all have our differences, at least we're not AmTrak." 

More than 1,000 people commented on the post, so it seems like we aren't the only ones who were thoroughly entertained by this. 

"Showing this to my husband who’s a Delta pilot. Then going to the cabinet to eat the Biscoff cookies he brings home," one person wrote.

Air travel — we can't live with it, but we definitely can't live without it, especially if we want to go anywhere that isn't in a reasonable driving distance.