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Airbnb in Texas Where You Can Feed a Giraffe Right From Your Room Is Too Cool

Among some of the really cool Airbnbs we've seen being shared around on TikTok, we're big fans of the ones which include unique and fun animal encounters with the guests' stay. From cat sanctuaries to homesteads with friendly chickens, the animal kingdom has some quality representations in some really cool Airbnbs we've seen.

This one, however, might be taking things to the next level. At an Airbnb located on Oak Meadow Ranch in Valley View, Texas, about an hour north of Dallas, you can get an experience that's more like visiting the African savanna on safari. The owners of the TikTok account @dallas_discovered stayed the night there to show us what's up.

A friendly giraffe at your Airbnb? That is DEFINITELY a first! We love that he can just come right up to your room where you can feed him treats, too! This is an insanely cool and one-of-a-kind animal encounter.

You may have to exercise a bit of patience if you were to stay in one of these rooms, however... as @bgonzales3 pointed out in the comments, "You know it’d be bothering you all night for snacks 😂." "Good news… They have a room service to restock the giraffe snacks if you ever run out," the video's creator replied. OK, cool, but we wouldn't be able to help feeling like we were the giraffe's maid service! Then again, look at those big sweet eyes... we wouldn't be able to say no!

"I need to go here so bad," mused @kayybee93. "Omg this is on my bucket list," exclaimed @meetthabrowns18- we're thinking it's on our bucket lists now too. And what of the Airbnb's location itself? It has glowing recommendations. "We have been there twice. Their food is amazing and my kids love the experience! Big cats, kangaroos, lemurs etc!!! ❤️❤️" praised @jo3d33.

This seriously sounds amazing. Would you want to spend a night here?