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Airbnb That Comes With a Resident Chicken Is Too Cool to Pass Up

What sort of amenities are important for you to have in an Airbnb? On-site laundry? Cable or streaming hookup? How about a chicken?

Sounds funny? It is. However, that's what @lifeofsarahjane got along with her stay at a homesteader's Airbnb. Talk about value- she certainly got a lot of bang for her bawk!

First off- is there anything funnier than when animals have just normal human names? It's just lowkey hilarious. That said, Maggie seems about as chill and friendly as any chicken we've ever seen. Plus, as the follow-up video shows, Maggie seemed content stomping around the yard and accepting treats from her friendly guests. We wouldn't mind having her as an Airbnb guest! 

The video's viewers didn't seem to think it was too odd either- in fact, many of them were a bit jealous! "I would 100% stay there just for the Cabin Chicken," commented @brooklynleigh81. "If I were trying to decide between airbnbs and 1 said it came with a resident chicken I would be choosing the 🐔," exclaimed @carric2.

We learned a little bit about pet chickens from the comment section, too! "She's a Speckled Sussex! They lay adorable brown eggs! She's so pretty!" said @adrtx. "If anyone has ever wanted a pet chicken, just know you can raise one just like a cat. They are very friendly," commented @atleastihavechicken (certainly a fitting name). Interesting... we don't think there's a way to litterbox-train a chicken though, sadly.

Amidst all this clamoring about the adorable pet, though, one commenter, @amandah2o2, posited an unusual alternative: "Plot twist, Maggie is the owner and wrote that note for treats."

Could this be true? If so, better give Maggie extra treats-you've got to earn your five-star guest rating from her!

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