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Woman's Video of the 'Best Airbnb in Paris' Is Going Viral for Good Reason

When visiting a major city or a place with many landmarks, many people try to land accommodations that have a great view or are close to spots they want to visit. Paris, an old city with a rich culture and history and many iconic landmarks, is full of classic hotels. However, a few prominent Airbnb spots around the city have been grabbing some attention, such as the one in this video today.

Hayley Andersen, going by @haylsa on TikTok, wanted her Parisian vacation to be a truly memorable one, and that meant scoring the ultimate room. She scoured Airbnb for days, but eventually, she found the perfect spot- and seriously, she won the jackpot here.

WOW! Any accommodation with a view of the Eiffel Tower is great, but she's just about a stone's throw away from it! It'd be hard to score a better view than that! Plus the interior of the Airbnb itself is classic and tasteful... five-star accommodations for sure!

"Omg I would cry if I got to stay in that Airbnb," commented @edenty99. "Omg you can't get better than that, welcome to Paris," greeted @heatheromri34. "This is absolutely gorgeous and the views are stunning! Lucky duck," said @jkjess12.

Between the ogling and envy, many commenters sleuthed to find out what place this was and what the price tag was like, and, y'all... "Oh my gosh you paid nearly $2,000 for an Airbnb 😳," said @samgracehart85426. WHOA, pump the brakes! We could buy a roundtrip to Paris with that money! "It’s amazing but at that price, would rather stay at the Ritz Vendome or The Athenee plaza," agreed @djhectorfonseca. Yeah, we think we'd rather book a slightly cheaper stay and deal with a slightly longer trip to the Eiffel Tower... gotta get our steps in anyway!

Still, we gotta hand it to Hayley, she really scored the stay of a lifetime! If you can swing the cost, there's no better way to experience Paris. You may have to wait for an opening if you want this room though, as@holliegolightly18 shares, "It’s booked out for like the next 3 years lol unless you travel in Feb or March next year."