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Man Shares How Much He Makes in a Month From His Airbnbs and People Are Shook

Ever wonder how much money Airbnb hosts make off of their properties? Some hosts make their full income by hosting multiple Airbnbs, which had us wondering- what do their profit margins look like?

One TikTok user and Airbnb host, @melefante6, shared the deets on the profits he gets from his Airbnbs. He breaks down the numbers of what he made after mortgages and fees in just June alone, and the total is staggering.

Holy cow. Even after all the various expenses have been subtracted, after just one month of business Michael managed to rake in around $39k in profit. That's more than many people make in a year!

So, what did his viewers think? Many were simply blown away by his profit! "Let’s gooooo love this!!!" responded user @kevincooneyy. "Love how open you are! Great educational tool, I appreciate this video!" said @bigryan_media. Some were Airbnb hosts themselves who compared Michael's experience to their own. "I have a beach rental . Brought in $69,000 for 7 weeks 😁!!! Just bought another one," commented  @marisagts.

The comment section, however, was not without controversy. As one user angrily replied, "THIS IS WHY I CANT FIND SOME PLACE AFFORDABLE TO RENT OR BUY BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE BUYING UP LOTS OF PROPERTY." Another user, @yadamnrite, expounded on this statement: "Not a hater necessarily, it's just fact that people buying up properties for AirBNBs are driving home prices up for first time home buyers." User @kaitlyn.zittel shared this story: "I have a friend in Nashville and her entire street was turned into Airbnbs... She said now she has no neighbors and instead people are always loud and throwing parties cause they’re there visiting."

It's true that Airbnbs have been a hot topic of debate lately. From concerns of gentrification and increasing the housing shortage to filling communities with temporary housing and putting traditional hotels out of business, many are pushing back against Airbnbs, with many cities limiting how many Airbnb properties locals can own or outright banning Airbnbs altogether!

Still, whether you're interested in becoming an Airbnb host, are critical of the practice, or simply want to learn more about it, @melefante6's videos are a great place to start learning more about full-time Airbnb hosting!