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Mom's Airbnb Horror Story Is a Wakeup Call for Anyone Traveling Abroad

Airbnbs have become super popular with travelers these days for a variety of reasons. For starters, they offer many great alternatives to hotels and resorts, one being that they can be much cheaper. On top of that, they're spacious and offer the comforts of home. Still, it's so important to vet your Airbnb host, since there are some out there who want to scam travelers.

In a video that was shared on TikTok by @ms_elizabethdanielle, one mom tells a horror story of what an Airbnb host did to her and her family while they were vacationing in Mexico. So many unexpected things went horribly wrong and can make anyone question planning their next trip. This story is so unbelievably horrific, it will truly will shake you to your core. We're honestly speechless after hearing this.

Good grief. These poor people! After hearing this crazy story of what happened when this family rented an Airbnb in Mexico, we might hesitate to use Airbnb again. People in the comments are just as furious as we are. One user, @calimom06,  even tagged Airbnb on TikTok to call them out, saying, "@airbnb What the hell? What are you going to do for this family?!?" 

Luckily, the creator gave an update on what exactly happened when she froze her bank account and the status of Airbnb's role in this. Let's just say it's not the reaction we were hoping for. 

Can you even believe that? So many people heard her story and are never going back to Airbnbs. Like user @rxgirl6903, who said, "I have used @airbnb tons of times and will never use them again because of this! I am so sorry for what you went through!" What happened to these people is truly unbelievable, and we hope this man will be brought to justice, or at least banned from renting out properties on Airbnb. 

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