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Friends' Stay at Italian Airbnb That Has 'Resident Grandma' Goes Horribly Wrong

Don't mess around with an Italian grandma!

Booking an Airbnb can be a much more cost-effective way to travel, not to mention it gives travelers the opportunity to check out more of the local scene than they might if they stayed in a hotel in a busy city center. But renting out someone's home also comes with the potential for things to go wrong... sometimes, in a really hilarious way.

Take these friends' experience while visiting Italy for example. Popular TikTok user @louisiiiofficial shared what happened to him when he rented out an Airbnb and it included an unexpected feature that wasn't included on the listing: An Italian grandmother, of course. 

The place they stayed at was beautiful, and even included a pool. Of course, Louis and his friends made time to hang out in the water, and that's where they were surprised to find out that an older woman was also hanging out at the pool. Little did they know she lives there too! 

You have to watch the video to see the way things played out, but she seemed just as surprised as they did. 

"I’ve obviously watched too many vids of Nonnas making pasta with their grandchildren. I was expecting a sweet story," one person commented after watching the video.

Another user added, "Time to party with grandma." 

Partying with grandma isn't exactly what happened for them, but this will undoubtedly be one travel story that these friends tell forever. 

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