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Airbnb Host's Outrageous Story About a Recent Guest Is Straight Out of True Crime Documentary

Everyone you know has a crazy story, and most of the time, you may never hear these stories unless you're close with that person. A lot of times, people will keep the crazier aspects of their life close to the chest. Sometimes, though, a stranger will open up to you and share the wildest story you've ever heard.

One Airbnb host got to hear the story of a lifetime from one of her guests, and passed it on to us. TikTok user @thevrconsultantsultans recounted (with permission from the storyteller) the wild backstory behind her guest's planned "Celebration of Life." This story is so dense, full of twists and turns and drama, that we don't even know where to begin. You'll simply have to see it for yourself:

OMG! That must have been that poor woman's worst nightmare, and with her poor kid in the hospital the whole time! We are so, so happy that she was able to realize the mix-up and find her actual child alive. We can't imagine the joy she must have felt upon discovering he was OK. After that ordeal, we'd say that "Celebration of Life" is well deserved!

As wild as this story was, apparently it's not as uncommon as you'd think. User @elijo63 commented: "As a clinical social worker in an ER the job to untangle these situations is part of our job. Yes, it’s awful and yes it happens more than you know." "Y’all need to Google Laura van Ryn and Whitney Cerak! Book written about the true story is called ‘Mistaken Identity.' Will blow your mind," said user @thesunshinewildlings.

This story did leave some loose ends to it. While the mother and son where reunited, unfortunately a man did actually die, and commenters were concerned that the man's family may not have been informed. "So what happened with the guy who actually died? Did they ever find out who he belonged too? asked @christalenevisonaryin2tv. Others wanted to know where the son's friends were through all this, and if she got the funeral expenses refunded!

The video's creator put up a Part 2 video that cleared up a lot of these questions. It's just as intense and twisty as the first video, so rather than going in depth on it here, we'll link it so you can see it for yourself. This whole thing was a wild ride from start to finish! 

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