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Airbnb Host's Sweet Gesture for 'Mortified' Guest Is Applause-Worthy

TBH, the guest kind of freaked out over nothing.

For most of us who love to travel, we think about Airbnb in terms of whether or not it's a good value to us as we plan our next trip. We read guest reviews, we ask our friends about places they've stayed and liked. Many of us don't consider the point of view of the host of the Airbnb we're staying in — or how hard their job might be, since not all guests are willing to be polite or clean up after themselves, even if the listing requires it.

One Airbnb host on TikTok, @mbxhomes, recently shared a horror story that happened with one of her recent guests. It was over something so small, but she still went above and beyond for her guests... and honestly, after hearing this story, we wouldn't have blamed her if she didn't. 

It all started when their guest checked into the Airbnb this woman owns, only to discover that the kitchen trash was full, and messaged them about it around 11 pm the night they checked in. Of course, the host was embarrassed, but her cleaning crew she employs are humans and these things happen. She apologized and asked if there was anything she could do, and this is where it goes a bit off the rails... the guest asked her if she could come by at 8 am to empty the trash.

That's quite a request for trash, but still, she put on a happy face, emptied the trash at 8 am as requested, and even showed up with Krispy Kreme donuts as an apology. Wow — that's service.

In the comments, people agreed that it was a bit wild. "I would maybe have mentioned it, but there’s no way I’d make you come and take it out. That’s ridiculous," one person commented.

Maybe this video will remind people that those who are Airbnb hosts are humans, too. And emptying the trash at 8 am is a lot to ask someone, even if it was their mistake!