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Woman's Airbnb Full of Taxidermied Animals Is Frighteningly Funny

While Airbnb hosts some all-time-great vacation rentals, it can also be a minefield of broken-down, sketchy, or just plain freaky locations as well. Before you book any Airbnbs, do your due diligence: read plenty of reviews, and crucially- check the photos! If you don't know what your vacation spot looks like, you might end up with something like this!

When TikTok user @_chandlermel booked this Airbnb, she was probably expecting something a bit rustic and woodsy. She was clearly NOT expecting the army of taxidermied animals that would greet her!

How... rustic. Nothing says "Make yourself at home" like a dozen dead, taxidermied animals! This right here is why you check every single photo of your Airbnb before you book it- and if there aren't a lot of photos provided of the location, ESPECIALLY of the interior, consider that a big red flag! This definitely isn't the worst Airbnb we've seen- it doesn't seem sketchy, dirty, or unsafe. However, it seems like its very much targeted towards hunting enthusiasts- a group which she very clearly doesn't seem to fit in, considering her discomfort. We can't blame her, either. Imagine all those beady, empty little eyes staring at you while you're trying to relax- or sleep! Urgh.

On the upshot, though, @_chandlermel didn't have an issues with the owners themselves: "The owners were very nice though! They even brought a new bobcat to add to the bunch." How, uh, thoughtful! LOL!

Again, we don't necessarily want to talk down on the Airbnb itself. We're sure there's a audience for a place decorated like this. However, it clearly was not what our subject was expecting, and her shock and concern at her unsettling surroundings had us in stitches! We hope she eventually got to have a good night's rest... despite all the extra eyes in the room!

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