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Woman Debates Airbnb's Strict Cleaning Rules and She Has a Point

Some hosts make people go to extremes.

Now that it's been years since Airbnb became a major phenomenon, most people have had the chance to try it out, and plenty of them prefer the experience to staying in a hotel. That's not to say that there aren't downsides to choosing Airbnb when you travel, though. You'll be left without many of the amenities you'd normally expect in a hotel, including little luxuries like room service and housekeeping.

And speaking of housekeeping... one of the biggest drawbacks about using Airbnb is that many hosts expect their guests to clean or complete a list of chores before they check out, something that definitely doesn't happen in hotels. And after seeing this TikTok video from @thekarwells, a host on the service, we have a bit of a new perspective on it.

What's expected of guests in the cleaning department can vary widely at each property. Most people can expect to do a few quick duties like throwing the sheets from their beds into the washer and taking the trash out before they leave, but other hosts have lists that are way more involved... and according to this host on TikTok, that's an unreasonable ask, especially when guests pay fees for professional cleaning services to come in after they leave.

She shared the way she does things at her properties. Her list of check out instructions is very short: She doesn't require any kind of cleaning except for picking up after their dogs in the yard if they brought a pet along with them on their stay. Then, she added that she does tell guests that if they have extra time and want to help out the cleaners, they can — and even so, that totally optional list is simple, including chores like stripping the bed.

When traveling, we should always try to pick up after ourselves — that goes for anywhere you might stay. But we do wish that more Airbnb hosts had this lady's attitude!