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Family's Perfect Airbnb Beach House Comes With a Very Unfortunate Discovery

If you've ever lived in or visited a beachside town, you've likely seen them- those iconic houses on stilts that sit just above the sands. These stilted houses are so cool, as they allow you to get right up close to the beach and the ocean waters without having to worry about potential flooding if a storm rolls in.

However, it's very crucial that these stilts be regularly inspected and repaired or replaced as needed. If not, the home's inhabitants could be in a very precarious, dangerous position! TikTok user @maggiemcgaugh found herself in such a precarious predicament on her recent beach vacation. Everything about her beachside Airbnb was like a dream... that is, until she took a trip under her house.

Umm... maybe our standards are a bit high, but we don't think that those stilts should be rotted down to toothpick-size!  Seriously, those posts look severely decayed, and it's only a matter of time before they give out from under the house!

"That's the aunt's house from A Series of Unfortunate Events," remarked @peytoenail (lowkey that's the first thing we thought of too). "You can actually fix that with dry ramen and superglue," quipped @garlicbread1996. Uh, yeah, remind us to pack the Maruchan and Crazy Glue for our next beach vacation! LOL!

Seriously though, with the major loss of density we see in some of those posts, that house is in trouble. TikTok user @c.trumbo recounted an experience repairing a deck in similar condition: "I repaired better than a dozen deck posts on a massive deck, the posts were 100% rotted out, literally just the paint on the outside of the post was the support, the customer thought it was 1 or 2 posts, I poked every post with an ice pick, went right through every time." Woof. We don't know if this house is quite that bad yet, but it's on its way there!

It's a good thing that this TikTok was made because others were considering a stay there as well! "OMG! I have this house saved in my Air B&B account," said @asthecrowtries! Many commenters recommended that the video's creator report the damage ASAP. Hopefully it can be repaired soon so that beachgoers can resume staying there in comfort and safety!

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