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Luxury First Class Experience on 'Air France La Premiere' Has Us Mind-Blown

You even get your own personal flight attendant.

The more different airlines are upping their first class game, the more we're starting to wish we had been born into a family of billionaires. Sure, the opportunity to travel at all is one that many of us are so fortunate to have, even if it means sitting in economy. But after seeing how the truly wealthy fly, it's hard not to feel at least a little jealous!

Case in point: The first class experience offered on Air France La Premiere. On TikTok, @corrrryyy gave us a glimpse at what the cabin looked like on this flight from Los Angeles to Paris, and OMG — this is nicer than some hotel rooms are! 

The experience starts before you even board the plane, since those flying with La Premiere get to skip security and head straight to a lounge. At that point, a staff member with the airline personally escorts you onto the plane when it's time to go, and seeing the inside of first class is a major OMG moment.

The seats are just about as spacious as it gets, with no extra spared — we're talking pajamas and skincare products being supplied to all passengers as they begin their 11 hour flight. And to really take it to the next level, each passenger gets their own flight attendant, which means there will be no waiting for that free champagne they're handing out.

Seriously, this makes travel look like a dream... though we have a feeling that we would probably pass out if we saw the price tag on one of these flights.

But if you ever have the cash to spend, this looks like a worthy splurge for a long haul trip like this. There's ice cream — how could you go wrong?