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Incredible Glamping Domes in Jordan Offer Such a Magical Experience

While camping in the desert can sometimes be a harsh experience, one reason why it holds such appeal to so many people is the vast openess of the sky out there. There are few trees or other blockages to impede your view, and since light pollution tends to be minimal when you're far enough out, it has the optimal conditions for stargazing.

Jordan has some of the most stunning deserts on the planet, with glamping spots where one can sleep under the stars in style. Travel vlogger @leeshbrock showed us her favorite spot.

Now that's glamping in serious style. This is Memories Aicha Luxury Camp in Wadi Rum, which is possibly Jordan's most iconic desert. The landscape, though harsh and hot, is breathtakingly beautiful, and it's a popular place for stargazers to visit as the view of the night sky is unimpeded by light pollution and other blockages. Apparently, it's very easy to see the Milky Way at night from Wadi Rum. Where better to rent a glamping dome and sleep under the stars?

No need to worry about the desert heat in here, either- the glamping domes are fully air-conditioned and come with in-unit showers and bathrooms. They're called "Martian Domes", because of their space-age futuristic look and the Martian appearance of the surrounding vibrantly-colored desert. If you can't shake how familiar the landscape looks, it might be because you've seen it in a movie before. "The movie “The Martian” was made there," shared @mahdiqz12. Wadi Rum has been a shooting location for many other major movies as well, including several Star Wars films, the recent Dune remake, and the classic Lawrence of Arabia- the popularity of which first kickstarted tourism to the area. 

Those who had been there could not stop raving about the views. "I did this and it was absolutely gorgeous. 10000/10 recommend. Never seen a sky so clear, filled with stars," recounted @alsanarishky. "I've been there a month ago and the view was unbelievable," echoed @faisal._.jarrar. "I stayed there last year, it's as awesome as it looks. One of the best places I've visited," declared @falafelavenger.

With the Martian domes and surroundings, plus the unimpeded view into the galaxy at night, a stay at the Memories Aicha Luxury Camp in Jordan is an experience that's truly out of this world.

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