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Vacation Planner Shares Top 3 All-Inclusive Resorts for Families That Are Actually Affordable

All-inclusive resorts are a very attractive option for many tourists and folks planning their ultimate vacation. While they may not be for the rugged adventurer or for the type of person that wants to immerse themselves in the local culture, when you're looking for a stress-free, pampered experience in a tropical locale, it's hard to beat an all-inclusive resort.

Of course, there are two big drawbacks with all-inclusive resorts. 1, the cost can be prohibitively expensive, and 2, there's not many options for families out there, as most all-inclusive resorts are for adults only. However, Jennifer Byrne, a vacation planner with @thetropicaltravelers, wants to help families secure their Caribbean vacay at a reasonable price with her top 3 affordable and family-friendly all-inclusive resorts!

Wow! We're honestly surprised at how reasonable the prices are for a family of 4. Granted, airfare isn't included with any of these, but with prices averaging around $500 per person for a four-night stay at a tropical resort, that still isn't honestly too bad! And of course, each location looks lovely and enticing- perfect for a relaxing getaway.

"That’s a great price. I pay way more to go to Florida beaches," observed @dynamite955. "We went to Divi!! It was beautiful and our room was HUGE with a kitchen!" recommended @1234yeah78.

However, some people were concerned with WHY prices were so cheap in the fall. "Because it’s Hurricane Season," answered @chris.71173. Ah, yes, that is true- fall is hurricane season in the Caribbean. However, many people are willing to take their chances to get the discounted prices.

If you'd thinking of booking a family resort stay, and aren't put off by the hurricane season caveat, Jennifer can hook you up! "Reach to if you want to get in touch with me," she says in the comments. Something to consider if your family is itching for a tropical getaway!

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