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Stunning Aerial Video of 'Norwegian Prima' Has Us Ready to Take a Cruise

The cruise enthusiast world has been gabbing about the brand-new Norwegian Prima for weeks now. Norwegian's sleek new ship has been grabbing massive attention for its state-of-the-art design, tons of fun activities, and incredible features. Guests aboard the cutting-edge vessel have given glowing reviews so far.

Walk-through videos from various guests have shown us some of the ship's more prominent features, but what better way to see the whole thing than with a drone shot? Cruise video TikTok account @thecruisespotter caught some amazing aerial footage of the Prima via drone.

Now this is impressive. We think they've managed to strike a nice balance with this design- it's big and full of fun, interesting looking stuff like the go-kart track and multi-story slides, but it does it without looking too garish, overcrowded, and busy, like some cruise ships do (*cough cough Icon of the Seas cough cough*). It's that delicate balance between relaxation and heart-racing fun that makes the Norwegian Prima seem like an elite cruising experience.

The go-kart in particular was blowing viewers' minds- although some of them were a little freaked out by the concept. "Don't wanna miss a corner on that racetrack," said @smokey_smp warily. "Wrong turn in karting, you swim with Nemo," quipped @asafelkayam12. "Not me driving gokart yeeting myself through the fence and down until the abyss," laughed @g19atore. While the thought of that is pretty unnerving (and tbh a bit funny too), we're certain there's plenty of safety precautions to prevent a Thelma and Louise moment while go-karting with your pals.

The more we see of the Prima, the more we want to take a trip on the ship ourselves. We can't wait to see what else the ship has in store!

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