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Adults-Only Camp in Connecticut Is the Perfect Spot to Unleash Our Inner Child

We might have to book this next summer.

For some of us, the time we spent going to summer camp as a kid is one of the highlights of our childhood memories. Getting some independence from your parents while making new friends, staying up late, and roasting marshmallows? Yeah, that sounds like the ideal way to spend a week or two in the summer.

But not all of us got the opportunity to go, and if you wish you'd had the chance to experience summer camp, don't worry — all is not lost! Thanks to @connecticut_bucketlist on TikTok, we now know that there's an adults-only summer camp in Connecticut, and after watching this video, we want to check it out ASAP.

From the video, we can see that not only do they offer traditional summer camp activities like rock wall climbing, archery, and ropes courses, but they also offer parties and alcoholic beverages — two things you probably didn't find at camp as a kid. And after seeing how gorgeous the scenery is at the camp (it is in the Berkshires, after all) and how much fun everyone seemed to be having in these video clips, we're tempted to book some time there ourselves. 

The camp is called Club Getaway, and it's located in Kent, Connecticut. You can check out their TikTok account here, and their official website here. While they do host events like weddings and even family camps for those who want to visit the camp with their kids, there are also adults only camps that you can take part in like the video above.

The adult camps are held on certain weekends and they're all-inclusive. You can stay in a private or semi-private cabin, and nearly all of the weekends start at a price under $400 per person for the entire weekend.

This looks like a dream we might have to make come true in 2023...