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Woman's Trip to 'Adult Sleepover Camp' in Canada Gives Us Serious Movie Vibes

A popular flick was even filmed at this place.

If you've ever wished you had the chance to go to summer camp as a kid, but your childhood was over a long time ago, you're not alone. But your dream of sleeping in a camp, roasting marshmallows, and singing silly camp songs isn't totally dead — there's actually a way to enjoy all this (and more) as an adult, too. And no, you don't have to switch careers to become a camp counselor to do it.

On TikTok, @torriwebster shared how she and her friends spent a long weekend at a summer camp for adults at Camp Tamakwa, where Indian Summer was filmed. No, really! And it's actually a way more luxurious experience than you might think. They were welcomed to their cabin with champagne and charcuterie boards, and the food looked amazing

Actually, adult summer camp might be better than regular summer camp... 

The more we see of this video, the more we're into it. And yes, she did share a second video that showed off even more reasons why we need to plan a vacation to summer camp, which included morning workouts, climbing on a ropes course, swimming, and kayaking — and it was an all you can eat, all you can drink situation, too.

If this sounds like something you're into, you can get in on it, too. SoHo House throws the weekend camp every year, and considering it only costs around $600 per person for two nights of camp (and everything included in the weekend), we're starting to think it's also a major bargain.

If anyone needs us, we'll be picking up supplies to make friendship bracelets.