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Newly-Adopted Kids' Reactions to Learning They're Going to 'Disney World' Are Just the Best

For kids in the foster system, life can be very tough. They're all there due to grim circumstances, and many age out of the system without being adopted. That's why we love seeing wonderful foster families that open their homes to children who need them- and when those children are adopted and join their family permanently, we are ecstatic.

That's why this video in particular filled our hearts with warmth and love. TikTok user and his wife recently adopted four siblings after having fostered them for two years. To celebrate the momentous occasion, they had an extra surprise in store for their newly adopted children, which they revealed to them humorously with a family game of "Watch Ya' Mouth".

We went from laughing to (happy) crying in seconds watching this. The way they delivered the surprise was pretty silly (and watching the girl's shocked reaction while she still had that crazy mouthpiece in cracked us up). However, the overwhelming joy these children expressed upon realizing that this surprise was no game warmed our hearts. After all the challenges these children experienced throughout their lives, they not only have a permanent loving home, but also a wonderful, magical trip to celebrate their new union!

This touched the hearts of everyone who saw it. "AWWW it’s the look when she says “we are?” Hahah," laughed @milliemag_.  "I could watch the “we are?” part over and over!! It was so cute!" @princess.jubjubs said. Their genuine surprise and joy there really got to us, too. 'The fact she didn’t even realize what she was saying. So sweet," observed @loveyoumost143. The best surprises are the ones that take a moment to set in!

"We adopted ours yesterday 😍 Congratulations!" praised @brittany_sousa. We'd like to extend our congratulations to Brittany as well! Yet another loving example of someone opening their home to those that really needed one.

We hope that their Disney World trip was a total blast, one that they'll remember for the rest of their lives. What a magical way to start off a whole new life together as a family!