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The Stanley Hotel in Colorado Is So Haunted a Famous Actor Fled the Premises

To this day, we have no idea what scared him.

The Stanley Hotel in Colorado is best known as the place that inspired the famous Stephen King novel (and the movie of the same name): The Shining. But the scary stories about this place are not all fictional, and the Jack Nicholson classic is not its only Hollywood connection.

In this video, TikToker avery.afterdark breaks down the history of the strange things that have gone down within this hotel’s famously spooky walls.

For instance, author Stephen King stayed in room 217, which he later immortalized as the one forbidden to his character Danny. Legend has it that this room is haunted by the ghost of an old housekeeper, who reportedly dislikes men, and has been known to pack up male guests’ belonging while they sleep. And maybe that’s what happened to the other famous resident of room 217: actor Jim Carrey.

While filming the movie Dumb & Dumber on location at the Stanley Hotel, Carrey was assigned to room 217, but only lasted a few hours before appearing at the front desk, shaken, and insisting upon a different room. When the staff was unable to accommodate him , Carrey checked out of the hotel entirely rather than setting foot in 217 again. Given the actor’s propensity for outlandish humor and antics, one can only imagine what transpired between him and the man-hating ghost.

Paranormal enthusiasts have claimed that the Stanley is built on top of a “supernatural vortex,” a place of concentrated spiritual energy, which would count for al of the strange happenings in this otherwise splendid locale. 

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