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Creepy Abandoned Motel in New Hampshire Gives Us Horror Movie Vibes

What is it about abandoned places that makes them so creepy? We think it's their weird liminal nature- these are places that should be filled with the hustle and bustle of human life, but aren't anymore, and haven't been for some time. It's their emptiness that's unsettling.

That's why today's exploration video gave us the creeps. TikTok user @livingourbestlife.21 takes us on a walk through a hotel situated on the grounds of the Linedhof country club in Bartlett, New Hampshire. This location is exceptional, as it isn't totally abandoned- it's reportedly still used seasonally by foreign college students who come over on student work visas to work at the local Storyland theme park. However, for large parts of the year, it sits alone, empty and desolate.

We can understand the building itself sitting bare and empty- it won't have anyone staying there until the next work season. But the parking lot is so overgrown, and then you get to the pool area... what even is that? Why bother keeping the pool sign when the whole thing has been permanently filled in? This place gave us the creeps!

Some commenters remembered the place from when it was still in full use as a hotel. "Right next to Storyland, stayed there two times," said @dieselduty69."Yes it was not luxurious by any sort but spooky to see it like that. They should shoot The Shining part 2 there."

"Back in the day, this was the place to be for my parents' age! Then I partied here as a teen too although it started going downhill by that time," recounted @mainejeepgirl. User @ltk321's recollection of the place was less sentimental: "I stayed at this place about 15 years ago. Was a s**thole then too." We guess nostalgia can't always paint over everything!