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Video of Abandoned Mansion in France Is So Creepy Yet So Charming

It's amazing how people just up and vanish.

There's something about exploring abandoned homes that's so fascinating. Seeing everything just as the people who lived there once left it, in some cases without even packing up? It's totally thrilling, even if it's obviously much safer to experience it through a video than actually being there ourselves.

And now, there's an abandoned mansion going viral on TikTok that you just have to see. User @yoitsramy, who is an urban explorer, is sharing their footage of the inside of the mansion, and it's so cool, but definitely makes us wonder what happened to the family who used to live there. It's like the house is still expecting them to come back! 

It's amazing how everything is still in the house, from furniture to the previous residents' personal belongings. It's giving us major haunted house vibes... what happened to the people who lived here? 

"The family that lived here vanished, leaving everything behind," said the captions in the video. According to comments from the OP, it was left this way in 1999, and the people who used to live here were originally from Iran.

It's no wonder the video is going viral, and some who saw this video have even been here before.

"I remember 5 years ago I went to this abandoned house. Never went inside but found a Polaroid dating back to the 80s. And a newspaper from '64," one commenter wrote.

Whoa. We're going to need more details on this mansion ASAP. Can we get some reality TV cameras down there to check it out?!