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Video of Abandoned Hotel With Lobby and Rooms Still in Tact Is So Creepy

There are plenty of creepy, old abandoned houses all across the country, and each one of them has its own story to tell. But have you ever heard about anyone abandoning an entire hotel? Sure, maybe there's been a tale or two of an old property from decades ago that's no longer open. But a new TikTok video shared by @silent_hill_explorations shows a hotel that was abandoned in 2019. Keep in mind this was before the pandemic, which makes the circumstances even more mysterious.

The clip details how the hotel was shut down all of a sudden, to the point where guests supposedly had to pack up and leave at 3:00am. Everything was left as it was, to the point where there are even chairs lined up in the conference room as if they're waiting to be filled. To say this video is eerie is a huge understatement.

Holy creepy, right? Seeing the piano sitting in the middle of that room was especially weird. And how about the workout room and pool? Crazy. 

Not surprisingly, TikTok users couldn't wait to share their thoughts on the hotel. @Jenn Clarke joked, "Damn, I'd take the gym equipment lol." Another commenter, @tyslers thought the same thing, saying, "Thought I was the only one. Seems there's gonna be a fight 😏."

And while the video doesn't give the back story on where this hotel is or why it closed down, some sleuthy commenters seem to have figured it out. When someone asked, "Where is it?", Alie replied, "Cromwell, CT. Was a nice hotel back in its day. Attended many functions here." Another user, @macp_2112 added, "Was shut down as found 'unfit for human occupancy.' It was dangerous for fire-safety, electrical system, plumbing, and water. After a quick Google search, it appears that it used to be the Red Lion Hotel, and it sounds like the owners simply didn't pay their taxes.

But it looks like this old place just might get some new life breathed into it after all. According to The Middletown Press, it's set to be developed into housing and restaurants. Whatever it's turned into, let's just hope the new occupants have better luck with the place than the old ones.

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