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Woman's Video Tour of an Abandoned Hotel in Bali Is Pretty Darn Eerie

We wouldn't want to venture in here.

When you think of ruins, you usually imagine them to be ancient. Hundreds, or even thousands of year old structures, slowly crumbling back into the embrace of time and entropy. But this hotel in Bali was abandoned so recently that if you look it up online, it initially appears that you can still book rooms! But don’t be fooled, this place is completely desolate, except for one guardian ginger cat.

The New Kuta Hotel is located on the southwestern shore of Bali, and despite the name, reviews say it’s actually not that close to the town of Kuta, being nearly a thirty minute drive away. Neither is it on the beach, though its location on a remote hilltop does provide this abandoned spot with distant ocean views. These two drawbacks, combined with the pandemic, may have led to this hotel being abandoned suddenly a few years ago. After viewing these scenes, several commenters left notes of shock, for they had stayed at the hotel back when it was still operational.

Weirdly, this is not the only abandoned hotel in Bali! Another, far grander and far more ruinous resort has actually become a tourist attraction for those who like traipsing about modern ruins. The Bedugul Taman Hotel in central Bali, also known as the Ghost Palace, has turned into quite the must-see spot for visitors to the island. Wreathed in mountain mist, this ornately decorated and vine-swathed ruin, replete with snake bannisters and traditional stone carvings, was a 1990s boondoggle by the disgraced and imprisoned political scion Tommy Suharto.

Will the New Kuta join the ranks of popular ruin tourism destinations, or will its more corporate, modern appearance, complete with an ice cream shop and folding cots keep it more of a minor curiosity? It remains to be seen.

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