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Frequent Traveler Shares 6-Step Process for Planning Any Trip

She has it all laid out for us.

Some people get super into trip planning — for them, the fun part of the vacation really starts with the anticipation. Others tend to get overwhelmed with all of the research and decision making that goes into the process. Picking a destination, choosing the hotel, buying plane tickets... it's a lot!

But there is a frequent traveler on TikTok who is sharing her six step method to planning a trip that helps her make it happen with a lot less stress, and it actually seems pretty helpful. If you tend to get overwhelmed while planning — or even if you don't — you might want to check out this video from @nikkionherway.

Her process is a surprisingly simple one. First, she figures out her flights using Google Flights, which helps her find the best rates and different flight times all in one place. Step two is about researching the destination, and she starts by using Pinterest since it often leads to travel blogs where you can hear what people liked and didn't like firsthand.

Step three involves creating an itinerary based on the research you just did, using either Google Maps or an itinerary building site and app called Wanderlog. Next is transportation, and she uses Rome2Rio for that, which helps travelers figure out how to get from one destination to another and the best way to do that, either by car, train, or public transportation. We had no idea this existed! 

Step five includes choosing her accommodations — first she looks up hotel prices, and then checks out Airbnb, and step six is where you wrap it all up. This is where you make sure you have everything you needed to buy in advance done, like tickets to attractions that require a purchase before you go. 

She really didn't leave anything out... and of course, these steps don't all have to be done in one day! It's worth giving this a try — it might just make things easier, and these websites and apps are great resources to have.